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Awareness, Support, Recovery
(631) 724-7152

Eating Disorder Associates

Group Sessions 

Current Groups:

Women’s Group  Dealing with issues relating to eating, anxiety, OCD, and depression.
     Meets Monday evening, 8:00 – 9:30 pm
     Led by Janet Fox, LCSW

Women’s Eating Disorder Group
     Meets Thursday afternoon, 2:00 – 3:30 pm
     Led by Meg Maginn, LCSW

Support Groups

  Monthly free support group for eating disorder information and  education. Patients, family
members, and friends welcome!

     The G
roup will start after the summer in October. Day and date to be determined.
     Led by Meg Maginn LCSW & Kimberly Laudin MS, MHC. 

*For information regarding the ANAD support group, please call (631) 724 – 7152, ask for Kimberly.

ANAD Associated Support Group for Eating Disorders in Suffolk County Long Island NY

Therapy Group for Teens and Young Adults

     Dates and times TBA...

Family & Friend Eating Disorder Education and Therapy Group

     A 10 week workshop.
     Dates and times TBA...

Nutritional Education and Therapy Group
     Dates and times TBA...
     Led by Jacklyn Mascia, RD

** For information, please call Eating Disorder Associates at (631) 724-7152