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Eating Disorder Associates

Group Sessions 

Obesity & Bariatric Surgery

At Eating Disorder Associates, we are dedicated to helping individuals maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

For many of our overweight and obese clients, weight-loss and weight-management is crucial for overall health issues and quality of life. Clients who wish to lose weight will undergo a complete consultation including a full review of their medical and weight history, set forth goals for optimal health and selection of meals. All plans and diets are different for each client.

Selection of weight-loss programs range from medically supervised VLCDs (Very Low Calorie Diets) for clients requiring significant weight loss (>50lbs.), to modified nutritional programs for clients who need moderate weight-loss for a healthier lifestyle. We make sure our clients have improved their eating patterns and maintain adherence to their new way of life.

Bariatric Surgery

Eating Disorder Associates provides bariatric psychiatric screenings for patients electing to undergo laparoscopic banding, gastric bypass and other bariatric surgical procedures. The assessment is to determine a patient's understanding and readiness for the procedure and to make recommendations for prognosis and how to enhance compliance for successful post-surgical results.

We help patients with a medically supervised weight-loss program (often required by insurance companies). Patients may also seek a weight-loss program prior to surgery to lessen surgical time, enhance safety, minimize complications and reduce recovery time. We also provide medically supervised weight-loss management, monitoring of bariatric dietary requirements, and mental health support to improve post-surgical, long-term prognosis.

If you have any questions regarding obesity or bariatric surgery, call our office. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (631) 724-7152.